Farrah’s biography project

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This is Farrah’s biography project that she redid.


Although I’m pleased with the way it turned out, I’m even more pleased with the effort she put into it. She worked long hours, creating a sunflower petal template and cutting dozens of petals from cardstock, assembling them into a perfect layered sunflower shape, deciding on the materials to use for the center, and typing up the info for the petals. (Through her interviews with me and Ray, she discovered that sunflowers are my favorite flower.) The text on the petals is chronological, accurate, and well-written. She embellished the poster with butterflies and added a fun-looking title.

The best part? The project is something that she’s proud of! So not only did she learn how to research for a biography project and concoct a creative plan for execution, she also learned about putting her best effort forward even if the project is just being presented to mommy and daddy. Well done, Farrah!

One Reply to “Farrah’s biography project”

  1. Congratulations Farrah, on a job well done I love your biography of your mom great job love you! When you put your best effort forward the outcome is always a great success.

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