A Charlie Brown,Car Washing, Camp Buckeroo, and Hair Dying Week

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“You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown” was playing at Main Street Theatre, and I used the opportunity to take Callie and Jasmine to midtown Houston to see the fun show. The production was enjoyable enough, but they used the word “stupid” entirely too much, and that’s totally not my jam. In any case, it made for a nice theater outing with my girls.


For the first time this year, we decided to wash the van at home. Believe it or not, it was one of the highlights of the week! It was a hot day, but with the water hose and soap suds going, it turned out to be a lot of fun. After the van was finished, Farrah and Jasmine played outside a while “cooking soup” in the car wash bucket. I loved seeing their imaginations at work. You won’t see Olivia in these photos because she was the photographer. Callie was at Camp Buckeroo.

Speaking of Camp Buckeroo, it was a week-long, special-needs day camp put on by the Easter Seals, and it was action packed. Callie got a chance to interact with therapy dogs, do Zumba, play volleyball, learn karate, create arts and crafts, hold snakes and a baby alligator, enjoy a couple of shows, and more! She had two wonderful camp “buddies” who did great with her!

And, as all teens and tween girls seem to do at some point in their adolescence, Olivia and Farrah decided they wanted to die their hair with Kool-Aid. Unfortunately, their hair is so dark, once the dye was rinsed out, the results were not noticeable. But still, I was happy to see their willingness to experiment with something new. (BTW, since this experiment, Olivia has tried to dye her hair a couple other times with a temporary hair dye – she’s determined to have red and/or blue hair tips for her birthday – but still, she’s not getting really noticeable results :0(. )

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