It was a random trip to Stewart Beach (Galveston) after our neighborhood pool closed unexpectedly. I called my mom and dragged her on the trip with us, and it ended up being a grand time – eating snacks, jumping over waves, finding seashells, and reading books. Unfortunately, in all the excitement, I FORGOT to bathe our bodies in sunblock, and our time at the beach exceeded 5 hours. (I had applied it to Jasmine and Callie at the pool before it abruptly closed, and didn’t give it another thought after that.) It’s been two weeks, and the big girls and I are suffering from burns, but I thank God our skin is mostly back to normal. Never again will I forget! P.S. Yes, the water was plenty dirty, but we weren’t phased.

Olivia participated in Aloha Week at our church, and she had an exhilarating time,  made new friends, and came home with purplish hair.


It may be my best investment yet – we signed up for a monthly membership at Callie’s favorite place – Urban Air – and we’ve popped in a couple times lately.

It’s a tradition – each summer we tie-dye t-shirts, and this year was no exception. We invited friends over for this activity, and the girls had fun dying shirts, making pizzas, painting shadowbox art, and hanging out.

Lazy time at home includes lots of “Alexa, play ____”, watching TV, doing puzzles, and reading books. And making chocolate cake, of course!

Oh, and “hot mess mani/pedis”:

Here are a few highlights of last weeks’ Vacation Bible School. Callie was mainstreamed with the typical needs students, and she did wonderfully! It did my heart good to hear the kids tell her goodbye on the last day and to see one of the little boys give her a hug!

Square dancing has resumed for Olivia! We ran into a sweet friend who was trying it out for the first time:

Both Olivia and Farrah did a theater arts camp at Lonestar last week, and at the end, they participated in a production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. We got a chance to hang out and carpool with Amelia this week, too! Olivia and Amelia really enjoyed camp. Farrah would’ve preferred to stay home and read a book.

Finally, Jasmine had her very first class at The Apple Store last week. They said 8 children were enrolled, but she was the only one who showed up, with the exception of another boy who came when it was half over. So basically, she got a private class on how to take better photos with the iPad, including how to do mark-ups, filters, etc. It was a fun time being her model!

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