Zen Gardens and Learning to Relax

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Everyone should know how to relax and/or calm down, including the youngest of us. Sometimes the girls and I practice techniques around the house – counting to 10, taking deep breaths, doing the occasional yoga session… So I was highly pleased to learn about a Relaxation event for kids ages 5-7 at the local library. I signed up Jasmine, and Callie accompanied us and there were cancellations, so she was able to participate too.

The class practiced techniques for calming down when feeling overwhelmed, they listened to a book, did some yoga poses, then “decorated” a miniature size Zen garden. I was surprised at how raking through the garden sand (with these tiny little rakes) seemed to have a soothing effect. Such a simple, yet effective idea that might go well for when the girls need to take some quiet time to themselves. We weren’t able to take the gardens home, but I plan to buy some sand (or find the sand that I previously purchased 😆) and some stones / jewels and a tiny little rake. When Jasmine needs a “time out”, instead of her sitting still for quiet time, I’ll pull out the garden (will probably use a shoebox to make it) and let her rake her frustrations away!

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