Callie’s first play dates

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Last week, Callie had her first official play dates. She is such an independent child, that I have never felt the urgency to set up play dates for her, especially since she seems perfectly content playing with her sisters and their friends. I also knew that getting her to develop her own friendships would be a challenge.

But the time has come! Content being left alone or not, I want her to learn how to be a good friend and how to even introduce her new friends to her family.

We met up with new friends (Amy and her two kids) at Bouncing Bears for a fun evening playing in bounce houses, but the kids were too excited to run around that they never really connected. We’ll see them again for a swim date soon.

My friend, Jennifer, has four kiddos, and her nine-year-old also has Down Syndrome. We had a lunch date at the mall a couple weeks ago, and decided to follow up with a play date at home. Jennifer dropped off her son to hang with a friend, then she and her crew of girls came over for ice cream. It was such a successful play date! As expected, Callie was nonchalant about playing with her new “friend” at first. Before we knew it, she and Adele were outside swinging together, and pretty soon they were enjoying dressing up in princess costumes and wigs, dancing, and chatting about favorite princesses. We ate ice cream and had a lovely time! The two younger sisters were the perfect age to play with Jasmine, and they had a great time together too! We have already made plans to get the girls together again!

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