We won! By “we” I mean me and Olivia. Olivia and Farrah’s end of the year projects were to write a biography on their chosen parent. Olivia chose to write hers about Ray, and Farrah chose to write hers about me. Ray and I partnered up with them with the goal of leading them to successful, high caliber presentations.

I was Olivia’s partner, and I’m proud of our final result! We worked together to brainstorm ideas, and I was able to help her keep on schedule (for the most part). Olivia came up with a well-written, creative biography that took us from Ray’s current stage of life back through his day of birth. It was very cute and creative! This summer, we will work to desktop publish it in a book style (at home), and start a library of family publications that we will all enjoy perusing throughout the years.

Farrah and Ray partnered together on Farrah’s, and the project was a bust, I’m sad to say. It was slightly creative but wasn’t well developed or well presented, and it was turned in late. As a result, we will be working with Farrah to redo her project and bring it up to the level of our expectations.

The good news is that Summer Break is here! This year was a challenge, but we all came out alive! Hallelujah!

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