We have a kindergartner!

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Jasmine’s very last day of preschool was last week, and the girls and I attended her Growing Up Ceremony where she and her class sang songs and each got to choose a sweet handmade prayer pillow to take home. Afterwards, they had a cookie and lemonade reception.

I am truly going to miss her school. Our experience there was nothing short of amazing, and she made so many memories over the last two years. She was loved and nurtured, she did fun art projects, was free to make big messes, she played dress-up, did cooking projects, learned Bible stories and songs, rode camels, played in snow, made new friends, almost every day came home with mulch in her hair, sand in her shoes, and paint on her clothes… It has been magical! And now she’s a kindergartner! I’m 95% certain she’ll be enrolled at the public school for K, while her big sisters continue to homeschool. I am currently praying for God’s guidance with this decision.

The day after her last day, I surprised the girls with a spontaneous trip to the beach. Since it was midweek and Ray was out of town, I chose much closer beach – Sylvan Beach in LaPorte – and I regret it! This beach was smaller and not nearly as serene as some of our favorite spots in Galveston. But still, we had a nice time!

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