Olivia is acing Geometry and English!

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I still outsource Olivia’s math and language arts, and she is doing so well. She is taking an online geometry class, and she is breezing through it! I guess I can’t be surprised; she’s such a logical thinker.

For language arts, she is taking a challenging online English class with Excelsior Classes that is really geared for 9th and 10th graders. It’s a really great class with lots of Socratic discussion and essay writing, and she manages to pull a perfect score in just about each assignment. She just finished reading and analyzing (and writing a paper on) The Scarlet Letter (for class), reading Fahrenheit 451 (for pleasure), and she has decided to reread Much Ado About Nothing. (Last time, she read a more modern version, but now she has chosen to read the original.) Last week, she began reading Booker T Washington’s “Up From Slavery.” Check out her copy of Fahrenheit 451. It’s Ray’s old book from high school!

Something new – Olivia is also on a self-guided track to dog training! She has discovered an online dog trainer whose philosophy she really likes, and she has become fascinated with his training style and techniques. She is learning so much about not only training dogs, but really getting to understand how to communicate with them. She has even written written her own little dog training guide that outlines the how to’s of teaching about 20 different tricks.

One Reply to “Olivia is acing Geometry and English!”

  1. Olivia, congratulations! On all of your achievements. You have always been an intelligent young lady, expressive, motivator, and Have a loving personality I am so proud to say you are my granddaughter, one of my heartbeats LOL. You are a phenomenal young lady. Keep up the great work and good luck with the dog training smile love Madear

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