Spring has sprung! Strawberry picking, Ruby’s sleepover, and our forest hike

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We kicked off the first week of spring with a trip to the strawberry fields! Picking strawberries on a beautiful day was so enjoyable, but even more fun with rinsing them, cutting them, and making ice cream shakes and smoothies. We came home with over ten pounds of strawberries, so our freezer will be stocked for a while.

Ruby is a pink pony that Jasmine received for her birthday, and last week she got to sleep over at the Tomball library. To be clear, the sleepover was for Ruby and stuffed animal friends only, not the kids. It was a fun program put on by the children’s department. We dropped off Ruby on Friday morning, and she got a wristband and a photo shoot.

The next morning, we picked up Ruby, and Jasmine enjoyed an interactive story time, a donut treat, plus a slideshow presentation of how the animals spent their time during their sleepover at the library. Jasmine absolutely loves using her imagination, so this activity was a hit. The library staff was also able to incorporate information to educate the kids about what happens behind the scenes at the library.

On Friday, we joined a group of old and new friends for a class and hike at the Jones State Forest. We learned about the habits of the red cockaded woodpecker, which I found to be so fascinating (the kids were less than amused)! The forest personnel were in the process of doing a prescribed burn, so we got a chance to learn about that and see the aftereffects. Apparently, when we return in just a few weeks, we should be surprised with the amount of new growth that would have already sprung up so quickly. Will visit again in late April!

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