With the help of a lot of wonderful folks, I pulled off my 6th annual Homeschool Family Expo, and it was a great success and a fun event my entire family was able to enjoy. Here’s a photo of me posing with the CW39 “Morning Dose” crew. They interviewed me live on TV the week before the event! Also, here’s Ray posing with some of the Star Wars characters at the expo.

Two days later, spring break kicked off for Callie and Jasmine, and, frankly, it was just too soon. I was having a terribly hard time bouncing back after the expo; I felt utterly exhausted and was still trying to get caught up with other work that I had been neglecting. And for some reason, my energy for each day was not lasting nearly long enough.

Even still, we managed to get out for a park day on Monday, and Jasmine was too thrilled to run into her favorite friend from school.

The rest of the week was relatively uneventful. We made shrimp tacos, visited the library, played outside on the swings, Jasmine rode her bike, and we all went out for free pancakes that we never received. (Don’t get me started.)

Oh – I did take Jasmine to a wonderful Spring Fling program at the library in celebration of the 50th anniversary of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. She decorated a cookie, played a golf game, did crafts, and enjoyed several other activities.

Oh wait, as I look through photos, I remember there were a few other redeeming qualities about the week: browning making, family fun with lawn games in Market Street, a trolley ride, Girl Scouts meeting for the big girls, and we even “rescued” a tree frog.

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