Jasmine turned 5 last month! There was no party involved, as we had all been feeling under the weather, so the idea of getting together with friends was a no go. Regardless, it was a fun day that the entire family was able to spend together since Ray took off work.

We started with breakfast at home – pancakes, bacon, eggs, and toast. It’s the very breakfast the birthday girl requested, but she barely touched her food, so go figure!

Typically when the girls celebrate birthdays, we save the gift opening until later in the evening. Jasmine insisted on opening her gift in the morning, and I complied, since she had some fun accessories I figured she’d want to wear. Her birthday box was full of stuff from Claire’s, and her biggest gift (a mermaid tail) was still en route, but she did not even miss it! It has since arrived, and she is over-the-moon pleased about it.

After breakfast and gift opening, we stopped at the Mitchell library for her to get her own library card. The ladies at the library made her feel so special, and it was fun to watch her pick out her first two books and check them out on her very own card.

Next was the mall, where she and her sisters built animals at Build-a-Bear. At Jasmine’s request, we ate lunch at the food court, rode the carousel, and visited the Disney store.

After the mall, it was home for a bit of rest time then a fun birthday activity – decorating cupcakes! We also played musical chairs and pin the horn on the unicorn, plus enjoyed a birthday dinner of chili dogs, chips, fruit, and of course birthday cake.

That was a wrap!

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