One of us was bound to get sick before the winter break was over. Fortunately, it was me! I had a brief spell of what I was sure was turning into the flu, but some hot tea, throat lozenges, and TheraFlu later and I’m mending up quite nicely!

Being under the weather has helped me realize something though. Our winter break isn’t just for the kids – it’s for ME too! I was thinking we’d finish off the week with a mall crawl, playtime at Urban Air, a trip to the movies, and a couple of the girls’ friends sleeping over, but I’ve nixed those thoughts from my mind! I’m going to take it easy and relax instead, hopefully staying indoors as much as possible.

We’ve put together puzzles, dressed up in costumes, played the piano, bowled (with the miniature bowling sets we have), read books, watched TV, and done chores. For myself, I’ve taken time to do some sewing, sort through my fabrics, and write out some goals for 2019.

I didn’t want to miss the opportunity for Olivia and Farrah to participate in one of the first teen / tween library programs of the year, so Ray drove us up to Willis and the girls had fun concocting squishy soap while Ray and I attended to Callie and Jasmine. This small, quaint library was a treasure!

Today is Friday, and school resumes Monday! Better get to taking down our Christmas tree now; otherwise, it’ll be up until after Valentine’s Day!

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