Yes, Thanksgiving (and Nutcracker)

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It’s New Year’s Eve, and in true procrastinator fashion, I’m finally writing about Thanksgiving. I’m still trying to figure out what happened to my photos from this lovely holiday celebration, and once I find them, I hope to return to the post to include a few.

We finally did it! We got in the car as a family and left town. I could be wrong, but I think this was the first overnight trip of the year, which is rare for us. We were happy to spend it in New Orleans, visiting Madear, where we ate Thanksgiving dinner, explored the French quarter, visited the Children’s Museum, and spent some down time watching TV at Madear’s house. Of course, no trip to New Orleans is complete with picking up pralines from Southern Candymakers! Also, the girls each got some cute, decorative (and cheap) hand-held fans that they seemed to cherish during the short time before each of the fans broke. Fun times!

The week before Thanksgiving was Olivia’s Nutcracker Performance (Bonis’ Dance). She performed in the Snow Corps of all 4 shows that weekend.



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