This year, Halloween became an entire season for us. We decorated our home  with skeletons, skulls, and other spooky decor, and we did a gazillion fun Halloween-themed events.

We kicked off the season with Hocus Pocus Pops at the Pavilion. All the girls wore costumes! We trick-or-treated and had a picnic dinner of pizza, chips, and cookies.


On a different day, while going to visit an indoor playground, we discovered that The Woodlands Church had an outdoor pumpkin patch and maze that the little girls enjoyed exploring.


Also, my business co-sponsored a Carousel Day event at the mall, and my Assistant Editor and I manned our table. It was attended by hundreds of little ghosts and goblins (and Elsas and Batmans), and we had fun handing out candy.


For the past year, Olivia has been hoping for a chance to volunteer as an actor at the local haunted trail. So when the time came, we painted up her face, and she was escorted to the morgue scene where she played a “dead” person for 3-4 hours. She literally laid on the ground and did absolutely nothing! LOL. What else do dead folks do? I’m not sure it was quite the experience she had it mind, but it was fun for her, nonetheless.

The weekend prior, she had visited the haunted trail with the Student Ministry at our former church. As much as Olivia had been asking to see a scary movie, she admitted that when they went through the trail, she kept her eyes closed half the time. Good thing she was with a female chaperone who didn’t mind being all hemmed up!

The best part about the Fall Festival in Burroughs park was the tram ride. It was fast and breezy! We also enjoyed choosing pumpkins to take home and exploring a couple of big trucks.

Jasmine enjoyed another Fall Festival at her school.

And at home, Callie made a skeleton craft. She used an extreme amount of glue, but I wanted her to do the project by herself, so I just let her go with it. It eventually dried just fine.

Lonestar Collage in Tomball hosted a fabulous and free Halloween party for kids with special needs. There were fun booths and activities, face painting, dancing, candy and other goodies! The event was so well put together, and boy did we have fun!

The girls got loaded down with treats at the YMCA’s Halloween trunk or treat!

This wasn’t really “Halloween-ish”, but one of our highlights for the month was the Tomball Farmer’s Market. The weather was gorgeous, and the merchants were friendly. We bought delicious jams and pumpkin bread and sampled many other delights. Afterwards, we sat in on the Bluegrass Festival which was just adjacent to the  market.

Here are some shots of us at the Taste of the Town, one of our favorite events to attend each year. We sampled a LOT of food (plus ice cream, coffee, tea, etc.), and it was all free! We stopped at a martial arts table, and Jasmine broke her first board!

The Woodlands Wildflower Festival had us collecting wildflower packet seeds like they were going out of style! It was a fun event, and the little ones got a chance to play inside a moonwalk.

We found a haunted carwash that was worth every penny! In fact, there was no extra charge – just the cost of the regular wash – but the thrills were so much fun. Callie wasn’t phased a bit when the characters tried to scare her!

Springwoods Village is a fairly new shopping center not far from home. They hosted a trick or treat trail where we had to go door to door to the various businesses to get candy. (We also got free pizza, cake samples, juice, candied apples, stickers, hair glitter, pumpkins, and more!). Callie found her Moana twin.

At Girl Scouts, Olivia and Farrah has a celebration in honor of Juliet Low’s (GS founder) birthday which happens to be on October 31. They did special activities and enjoyed treats.

We had so much fun before October 31 that I was hardly bothered with the forecast of thunderstorms on Halloween Day. For school, the big girls did a STEM project – using physics to make a treat toss contraption. They ended up with a slingshot and a catapult that both worked pretty good.

I think we would’ve been just fine without the opportunity to trick-or-treat in the neighborhood! But Michole & B joined us so we decided to pull out umbrellas and hit the streets before the weather got too bad. We got rained on, but the girls got plenty of candy and had fun. At the house, we had hot dogs, frito pies, and cupcakes.

Last but not least, one of our homeschool groups got together at a park for a family “festival”. We ate, played games, and even enjoyed a fun game of kickball! Event was November 3, but I’m including it here to wrap up our fall festivities, though I know there will be much more fun to come!

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