Callie had her first cheer performance last weekend, and it was very entertaining! The Special Needs team opened up for the Texas Cheer Roundup, and their routine was met with a roomful of claps and cheers!

The highlights:

  1. Callie didn’t really know the routine, which was not news to me. She hasn’t been paying much attention at practice lately, so I was almost expecting her to just sit on the floor and do nothing. She did better than I thought she would – actually doing some of the moves, though a fraction of a second behind most of the team! Note – Callie is the youngest athlete on the team. Most are teens.
  2. After they finished their routine, each athlete ran across the floor with a tumbling stunt. Callie did a cartwheel and a forward roll, both which were perfect!
  3. I should also note that when it was time to clear the floor for another group to perform, Callie wasn’t quite ready to give up the spotlight. She sat down and refused to move. She had to literally be picked up by the coaches. The audience thought it was hilarious. (Everyone but her family, that is.)

Today, I received the sweetest note and a couple of pics from one of her coaches, Sarah:




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