What I’m Learning From Jasmine’s school

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I feel so inspired when I browse through the photos of activities Jasmine does at her preschool. These teachers pack so much fun into three short hours! She is learning so much about the world around her, and she gets to experience sensory activities, puppet shows, games, parachute playtime, singing and dancing, various types of art, new relationships with friends, and much more! And her teachers have told me more than once that they just adore her fun personality. Here are a few photos before I finish writing this post:

Though she’s the youngest sibling, watching her preschool in action makes me want to liven up our homeschool! Lately, we’ve been mostly just “getting the job done” when it comes to school work, although we have plenty of fun during the downtime. I know I have to be realistic, but I think of how amazing our homeschool would be if we packed just as much “mature kid” fun into our day as Jasmine’s morning is packed with “little kid” fun. It used to be that way! Of course, as they grow older, the subject matter becomes more involved and more time has to be dedicated to seat work. But that does not mean there’s no room for some well-planned, enriching and fun activities. But it may mean the school days are longer and more packed than usual, as we take the time to embrace “fun” along the way.

My goal is for all my girls (and myself) to wake up each day, excited about what our day has in store for us! I have decided to rise to the occasion from here on!

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