We’ve had a solid month of school, and after some tweaking, things have finally begun to shape up.

As usual, we sing hymns and pray in the morning, and this year we’ve begun doing yoga as well.

Library days occur frequently, and we have no fewer than 50 or so books checked out at any given time. Callie blazes through the Biscuit books, Farrah reads a little bit of everything, and Olivia has been indulging in fun and spooky Goosebumps books (in addition to her assigned novels for school.)

Olivia is taking two online classes: English I and Word Guru, currently averaging an A in both classes. She’s expected to turn in quite a few assignments to each week, and staying on top of things is proving to be a challenge. Time management is currently an emerging skill for all of us! For class, she has read Romeo and Juliet (the original text), is currently reading and analyzing The Prince and the Pauper, and has several other scholarly books in her queue, including The Scarlet Letter and Up From Slavery. She’s finishing up the Algebra course she began earlier this year, and will be ready to start Geometry in December. Private piano lessons and group dance classes have resumed, and in her free time lately, she has been enjoying learning new card tricks. Here’s a peek into ballet class.

Farrah’s math and language arts look much the same as last year’s- Horizons for math and Bob Jones for English. She’s currently working on a research paper about Japan, and in her spare time, she has been reading, drawing, sewing, and playing chef. She has also been helping me out a lot with her little sisters. Oh, and she tries to avoid the camera lately, so this is all I have – her preparing lunch for the gang.

Group work for the big girls include history (currently learning about Henry V and Joan of Arc), current events (currently discussing the Kavanaugh Supreme Court appointment fiasco), Science (astronomy and biology, and we’re growing butterflies again!), composer study (Tan Dun – and boy are we enjoying the writings on his Facebook page as much as we’re enjoying his music), and our artist study and Spanish lessons will not officially be introduced until this month.

A quick note on Callie – She’s really rocking and rolling in school! Most days, she applies herself very well! I’ll post details in a separate post.

And Jasmine is LOVING Pre-K. But she’s home with us most of the time and insists on learning alongside her big sisters. She’s doing math with three addends and learning about animal habitats and American signs and symbols right along with Callie, and today she insisted that I read each of Farrah’s and Olivia’s “space rocks” cards to her (info on comets, meteors, etc.)

We are looking forward to learning new things this fall season!

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