“Epic” Week for the Littles – and Callie’s a Brownie!

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I had vowed to make this past week an epic week of fun for Callie and Jasmine while Olivia and Farrah attended Mark Kistler’s week-long fine and performing arts camp.

Well, it’s been extremely HOT outside, and I lost my steam after just the first day! Even still, we had some fun moments to note:

We visited The Woodlands Church playground (Yes, again! Hey, it’s FREE and great exercise!).

We visited the splash pad two times – once in Creekside and again at Shenandoah Park where we attended Callie’s first Girl Scout meeting. She’s a Brownie, and this will be her first year as a Scout. We’re blessed to be part of a wonderfully inclusive homeschool-only troop. I spoke to the Brownies about Down Syndrome and disabilities, then they did some fun / silly activities before we got our splashing on!

Eating ice cream is hardly worth mentioning, but when it’s your first time having your own pint of your favorite ice cream to yourself, mommy has to snap a few photos:

We played, built a fort, read books and studied geography, reading, and math. Jasmine is getting good at basic addition!

We visited our neighborhood pool (big sisters joined us).

We had the most amazing time visiting the Cypress location of We Rock the Spectrum. It’s much better than the location closest to our home. The swings are so much fun, and I lost track of how many times my girls did the zip line.

All in all, it was a fun week. We ended with a show that Olivia’s and Farrah’s camp put on on Friday.

Olivia was busier than all of us! She attended a VIP party at the library to celebrate the end of summer reading, she had her ballet class, and on Saturday she and I met friends at Bowlero for three games of bowling.

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