Library Fun, Sewing projects, Ice Cream in a bag, Fun with friends…

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Time flies! The entire Summer Reading Program at the library has come and gone! That means it won’t be long before school resumes, and I have barely posted about our summer adventures.

We’ve enjoyed our library this summer – playing games on the computer, African Drumming program, learning about marimbas, henna tattoos, potting succulents, and turning in logs for the reading program (and getting prizes).

This summer we hung out with Selena and her family at Nonnie’s Soda Fountain. What a rainy day it was!

Too bad I was counting calories. Jasmine and Callie each got a simple scoop of ice cream, but the big girls got these awesome hot fudge sundaes that looked heavenly!

Here’s Farrah on the sewing machine. I finally taught her how to completely thread the machine (including winding the bobbin), and she taught herself how to make these reversible flannel tote bags front start to finish. I see many more of these in our future!

Blue Bell is delicious, but summer just isn’t the same until we’ve made our own ice cream in a bag. We use simple ingredients – half & half, sugar, and vanilla extra, plus a couple of Ziplock bags, ice, and rock salt. Boy the ice sure does get cold! We had to use oven mitts when it was time to shake the bags!

It’s the craziest thing – I’m entitled to a free Chick-Fil-A meal each day because I have a VIP card. I’ve had one for the past five years, so you’d think “free Chick-fil-A” is no longer something to get excited about in my household. Even still, we (mainly Farrah) made some homemade cow spot bracelets and the whole family donned them for “Dress Like a Cow Day” (or whatever it’s called), and we made a special trip to CFA just to get some freebies. (The deal is, you get a free entree if you’re wearing anything with cow spots.) We might have too much time on our hands.

The playground at Woodlands Church is a treasure! (This is the same place we played to celebrate Jasmine’s birthday this year).

Swim days and park days are prime ideas for fun on a budget!

We’ve made a few trips to the mall and both our local children’s museums:

School work? Most definitely! (But not too much.) Jasmine has finally shown herself ready to start learning to read, and she’s been doing great! Callie and I are working on math facts, penmanship, and reading comprehension. The girls are also spending lots of time doing jigsaw puzzles.

Olivia earned her first $20 working as a Mommy’s Helper for a neighbor (who has subsequently booked her for the next 4 weeks)! She also volunteered again at WOW Science Camp.

Just a few other random photos to offload… movies, fun with friends and Grandma, Science Camp, Jasmine’s princess camp, etc.

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