“Walking chunk of mean mad…”

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I hate to admit, but we’re still reading the Grapes of Wrath. It’s not a dozer, but it’s such a meaty book, that we are taking our time, and we have taken many breaks. Last night, we finally got to the chapter where the true action really starts, and we got a good laugh out of the line about someone being a “walking chunk of mean mad!” It’s my new favorite thing to say now, and when the girls are being disobedient, I will tell them to “shape up, before mommy becomes a walking chunk of mean mad!”

By the way, I’m reading the book out loud, and there is so much profanity that I am having to skip over! I don’t remember so much of it when I read it in high school.

It’s Father’s Day, and the girls’ favorite dad is traveling, but here’s a recent snapshot to honor him:

I was so very glad that we got to visit my father today and take some photos with him! We ate barbecue and dessert, and hung out with family.

Yesterday we played at home and then enjoyed live music and sprayground fun at Waterway Square. Oh, and I made those blackeyed pea balls from “Passport on a Plate”, and Jasmine and Callie made blueberry muffins.

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