Our first couple weeks of summer break was full of runny noses, but still, when I do inventory, I realize we did manage to keep the girls busy enough. We’ve read books, built sandcastles and forts, splashed outside in a cheap kiddie pool I purchased from Walmart, made solar ovens (but haven’t cooked anything in them yet),  dressed up in costumes, visited Chuck E Cheese, and more!

Yesterday, I took the two younger girls to splash at Creekside Park. The heat has been stifling lately, and the water was a nice relief!

Two Sundays ago, Olivia and Farrah did a private trial taekwondo class at Master Cho’s Tae Kwon Do Academy. They had fun training with the owner, and I think the program is excellent, but it’s simply not something I’m ready to add to our schedule for now. Perhaps we’ll enroll in their homeschool classes for the fall. Olivia also did a hip hop intensive class at Vicki Michelle dance studio, and now, as of this week, she is officially enrolled in Ballet classes at Boni’s (her first dance school she attended at age 3). Oh, and Olivia began guitar lessons this week also! She’s finally get to play the guitar she got for Christmas.

After a LONG break (2-3 years?) Callie has resumed speech and occupational therapy, and we’re excited about the progress we know we’ll see her make! She also joined a local competitive cheer team for children with special needs, and it happens to be just minutes away from us, and IT’S FREE!

This week, Farrah and Jasmine attended Vacation Bible School at Woodland Oaks Church, and they enjoyed singing songs, making crafts (keychains, flower “pots”, treasure boxes and more) and meeting new friends. Callie attended VBS at Woodsedge and got a chance to hang out with some friends from school.

What else? We hung out at the mall with the Branch crew – great to finally catch up with them. We also checked out an indoor play place called “We Rock the Spectrum”.

I checked out a book entitled Passport on a Plate, and we’ve already made one fruit salad recipe from the Africa section. Fried blackeyed pea balls are coming up next!

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