Here’s how we spent the last day of school…

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School’s out, and I don’t think anyone is happier than I am! It has been a tough year! But it’s over, and we did it! To God be the glory!

Yesterday was the last day for Olivia and Farrah, and it should have been the last day for Callie, except she was sick for the past couple of days, so she spent those days at home. I was not prepared to have her home two days early, but I got a bit of school work in with both the younger girls, so it’s all good.

To officially kick off summer break, we ate at Zaza Pizza Cafe close to our neighborhood. We were pleased to see that they were offering free ice cream!

Back at home,,Farrah did more fort-building, and Callie and I worked together on a brand new puzzle that came in the mail.

Later, we took a trip to the library for a teen program. Three of the girls played on the computers while Olivia participated in a string art project, and she ran into 8 other kids from our Girl Scout troop there! By the way, I don’t know that I have written anything about Girl Scouts. I will post details in a different post. Looking forward to a fun summer break!

One Reply to “Here’s how we spent the last day of school…”

  1. Yay! School is out time for summer fun. It seems like you guys have the right idea you started the summer off right enjoying yourselves and doing things that will please the mind the body, the heart, and the tummy! Have a great summer everyone! Love Madear

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