Homemade Dough and Rainy Days

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Our regular school year will be wrapping up soon, thank goodness! This has been a tough mommy/teacher year, but I’m already starting to get back in gear.

We’re doing an interesting unit study on World War II that I anticipate will last through the first week of summer break. As a student, I was not introduced to the world wars in a fun way, so I’m really enjoying relearning it all. I was hoping to stump Renaldo, but it turns out he knows his facts about WWII like a pro! I guess I’m the only one who wasn’t paying attention in grade school 🙁.

This week we got some rain, and Jasmine, Farrah, and I made a couple batches of homemade play dough as a rainy day activity. All we needed was flour, water, cream of tartar, and salt! We added peppermint oil and food coloring just for fun.

Do any of these books look familiar? We’re studying Michelangelo yet again because there’s a Michelangelo exhibition currently at the Museum of Fine Arts, and we plan to check it out (maybe tomorrow)!

Currently in math, Farrah is converting and adding fractions and Olivia is graphing inequalities. In history, we’re still studying the Middle Ages and recently learned more about the first Russians. Of course for heritage studies we’re dragging out our study of World War II. Oh, here’s our current hymn. My mom popped in on our homeschool day for a brief visit, just before we started our hymn. She was happy to join us in song:


Olivia finished her language arts class with a 97 average. In the year-long, labor-intensive class with over 120 total assignments, she made a perfect score on over half of them. She read Julie of the Wolves, Gulliver’s Travels, The Outsiders (again!), The Black Arrow, and A Wrinkle In Time. She studied, analyzed, and assessed different types of literature including poetry and short stories, wrote many essays, and increased her knowledge of grammar and classical roots (Greek & Latin stems). Here’s a screen shot of the first few assignments of record:

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