And Farrah’s birthday too

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Me again… on my birthday, posting about Farrah’s! We celebrated hers a day after Callie’s. Farrah is in double digits now – the big 1-0. For her birthday, she requested an overnight trip to Galveston, and boy did we have a blast!

I used business connections to get a room we wouldn’t have ordinarily afforded – a huge 2-bedroom suite with kitchen, dining, and living room at the Moody Gardens resort. We enjoyed the hotel grounds, the swimming pool, one of the hotel’s restaurants, and a trip to Stewart Beach.

The next day, we visited an attraction at the Discovery Pyramid at Moody Gardens theme park, then we were off to the Kemah Boardwalk where we rode the train and other rides and ate at the Aquarium restaurant.

For her birthday, Farrah received a cute, plush sleeping bag and a cute outfit from her MaDear.

Farrah’s “birthday cake” was the dessert we ordered at the restaurant – a slice of chocolate cake and apple crumble to share with the family.

Happy Birthday Farrah!

One Reply to “And Farrah’s birthday too”

  1. Karen, you think you’re late posting things check out my response time LOL Ferrah seems as though she enjoyed her birthday she and Callie, they look very nice in their outfits it seems like the whole family had a great time love you guys

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