While Callie’s and Jasmine’s spring breaks were dictated by the school district’s schedule, Olivia and Farrah took their breaks a couple of weeks later. Here’s a summary of some of our adventures:

The 6 of us enjoyed a cold, breezy day at Houston’s Children’s Festival. We watched a few circus acts, enjoyed complimentary McDonald’s fries, listened to a really talented mariachi band, and three of the girls got their faces painted. We ended our afternoon with lunch at Cracker Barrel.

Olivia spent time with new friends at Top Golf (supervised by my friend, Ellen), while I took Farrah and Jasmine for playtime at Obstacle Warrior Kids:

I took Olivia and Farrah to The Woodlands Waterway Arts Festival. We enjoyed this so much! Farrah discovered some lovely handmade journals that are now on her wish list, and both the girls took time to chat with the shop owner and ask questions. Here are some favorite festival finds (we didn’t buy anything though).

We got shaved ice and shopped for plants at a couple of local nurseries:

We roller skated at Champions Roller World. Our friends, Tauleece and her kiddos, joined us!

Ray and I took the older girls horseback riding at Cypress Trails. Fun hour-long trail ride!

Olivia had a track meet which ended up being her last meet of the season. She did 4 events and walked away with 3 first place ribbons! For the other girls, it was playtime in the dirt!

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