It’s official, there are no more egg hunts for Olivia‘s age. She didn’t seem to mind, but it was an emotional reminder of how my kids are growing up! Even still, we had a fun time celebrating Easter!

The girls and I baked cupcakes and spent a good amount of time decorating them with marshmallow poles, colored icing that we dyed ourselves, and Easter candies.

Jasmine and Callie got to hunt for eggs at Woodsedge Church (unfortunately, we’d just missed the time cutoff for Farrah’s age group), plus they played in the bounce house to their hearts’ content. We enjoyed a leisurely ride through the Waterway area, and on Sunday morning, we visited our own home church, Crossview, and was made to feel very welcome. It was nice to see old friends, as lately we’ve been attending Woodsedge.

We stopped at Republic Grill for lunch, then returned home for outdoor playtime with bubbles, chalk, and rides on the swings.

The action caught up with me, and I eventually needed a nap but managed to wake up in time to cook a simple Easter dinner. We had ham, wild rice and chicken casserole, and green beans. Oh, and all four girls got Easter baskets.

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