Track and Field is here!

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Both Olivia and Farrah are participating on Salt & Light Homeschool Sports track and field team. Olivia is part of the middle school runners, and Farrah is a junior runner. The season is relatively short, but I find it pretty demanding, especially with the younger girls in tow. Practice is twice a week, and each week the middle schoolers and high schoolers have an actual meet (sometimes two per week).

I don’t think I fully understood what I was signing up for. Waiting around at a track meet is not for the faint of heart. These meets are on weekdays, generally starting just after Callie is home from school (sometimes I have to pick her up early), and they don’t end until the late evening, often as latest 10:00 PM. After the first couple of hours, the little ones have gotten restless and the snacks are running low, so it takes some creativity to keep everyone happy. So far, track meets have taken place at The Woodlands Christian school, Northland Christian Academy, and Rosehill Christian School.

Olivia participates in sprints, relays, and shotput, and she has racked up quite a few ribbons already! It’s fun for her, she has made lots of new friends, and it’s great exercise!

Since Farrah is a junior runner, her practice is only once per week, and she does not have as many track meets as Olivia does. Even she has made a friend or two on the sidelines. Farrah’s first meet will be next Thursday, and I’m excited for her to have a chance to do it!

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