Parent-teacher conferences and tons of fun at ELP

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You might think that parent-teacher conferences are somewhat of a joke for a three-year-old class, but Jasmine‘s teachers put a lot of thought into their meetings and feedback. I was pleased to learn how observant they are of Jasmine and how well they actually know her. They know what are her favorite things to do in class , and who her best friends are. The teachers expressed that they are pleased with her advanced communication skills, as she is able to reason well and verbalize her wants and needs better than most kids in her class, and she’s one of the youngest. I was nervous about what they would say about her behavior, but both teachers expressed that she behaves well and that they love her independence and the fact that she’s a natural leader. She does sometimes struggle with sharing, but no more than her peers do.

As I’ve stated before, there is no shortage of fun taking place at Jasmine’s school! This school year, they have had special theme days for Thanksgiving, rodeo day, road rally where they were able to bring in their bikes, snow days with sledding, parachute play, puppet shows, Valentine’s parties, pajama day, and more. Here are some photos of some of the activities:

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