Happy Belated Valentine’s Day! We attended a Valentine’s Party with a Christian homeschool group, and due to rain and a last-minute venue change, the event was… well… uneventful. The organizers did a great job, given the curcumstances, and the girls were still able to enjoy a loaded cupcake bar and a Valentine’s cards exchange. It’s just that we didn’t have a whole lotta space for fun activities as we would’ve had we kept our original park location (but the rain).

I was happy to run into an old friend, Tammy, who is the wife of Ray’s former coworker. I also reconnected with some lovely women I’d met some years back. Callie was at school, but the other 3 girls each came home with a bucketful of cards and treats. By the way, these boxes in the photo are not ours. Just a couple that I thought were cute!

For the actual day of Valentine’s Day, we did a repeat of last year’s activities – lunch at California Pizza Kitchen with Tori and her girls. Like last year, it was the sweetest thing! It’s one thing to exchange V-Day gifts with a bunch of strangers, but how about exchanging them with your BFF? My big girls had sewn up homemade initial pillows for their friends, and they got some really sweet gifts in return. Jasmine even sewed a pillow for her friend (with mommy’s help).

Oh, and I always decorate the breakfast table with treats for Valentine’s Day. Here’s a photo:

And these are the delicious chocolates sent to me from my dear and loving husband!

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