It’s been a Merry Christmas 2017!

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Christmas has come and gone, and it was a festive time indeed! We’re currently on a break from school, but Olivia will be expected to continue her math for the next five days. She will officially start taking Algebra in January. Woo hoo! I’m spending our break time this week planning for my company’s upcoming Homeschool Family Expo and planning the girls’ school schedule and some slight changes to curriculum for the spring.

For Christmas, we had a festive evening a couple of weeks ago, decorating gingerbread houses with friends. It was a full house, and the girls, moms, and even the couple of dads who were present all had a fun time.


Olivia attended a Christmas party for the youth of our church, and she enjoyed herself there too! For me, it was so nice to reconnect with some of the women at the church where we are members  but have not attended lately due to our attendance at a church closer to us.


A few days before Christmas, the family made our way to Galveston (yes again), to Moody Gardens. We watched a 3-D film (Great White Sharks), a 4D film (Rudolph) and enjoyed walking through the Festival of Lights.

We went as a family to see a fun holiday show at the Hobby Center down in Houston – Sleeping Beauty and Her Winter Knight. The show was a barrel of laughs!


For Christmas Eve, we baked gingerbread man cookies, read books, and settled down for a couple of movies – Christmas Carol and The Polar Express.

We attended church service on Christmas Eve and enjoyed a nice sermon with some traditional Christmas songs and a candlelight finale of Silent Night.

Christmas Day was quiet and relaxing (at first), which was a welcome treat! The girls opened gifts and received many delightful things: a guitar, roller skates, pajamas, perfume, dolls, stuffed animals, cash, books, an RC car, and more. I received my favorite perfume, cash, and a few goodies from business contacts.

It’s been a Merry Christmas, and tomorrow is New Year’s Eve! In 2018, we will have some fun new developments to share, so stay tuned!

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