7th Grade and 4th Grade Math

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The girls work hard on math and language arts every morning. Those are the two subjects which we MUST complete each day, regardless of field trips, errands, projects, SNOW (yes, we recently got some!!), etc.

Olivia is finishing up a year-long Pre-Algebra computer-based course with LiveOnlineMath. She began it in January of this year, and I’m hoping to finish it up by the end of December. She recently finished inequalities, and she just moved into geometry concepts. We have a few units left, rounding out the semester with linear equations and polynomials, of which she already has some basic knowledge. In any case, it appears as though we’ll be working during the Christmas break to finish up in time. We lose access to the class in about 3-4 weeks, and I don’t want to pay for the class again just to finish up a few lessons.


Farrah is just about half-way through her 4th grade curriculum. Last year we switched to Bob Jones Math, but this year we’re back to Horizons – the curriculum she started with in Kindergarten. I appreciate the format of Horizons because it allows her to work independently, with a short explanation and examples at the beginning of each lesson, so she can read for herself and get started whenever she’s ready.  I eventually give her a thorough explanation on the new material, but she’s not “stuck” waiting on me before she begins. Farrah’s almost halfway through her fourth grade curriculum, currently working on solving for unknown variables.

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