WWI, the Charleston, and Whole Foods

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We do 2 history lessons a week. The first one is a part of the Story of the World curriculum, an all-encompassing world history that we started a few years ago. We all  enjoy it along with the activities, geography, and recommended literature that go along with it. The second history is actually “Heritage Studies” which is more U.S. history.

Through  Heritage Studies, last month we studied World War I for the first time, and, as far as I can remember, this was my first really good understanding of the war. Of course I studied it in school, but I don’t remember getting a good feel for what was going on and how it all started. It was fun to get into this again! The girls were interested and learned a lot, which was made evident on a pop quiz I gave them! They were able to discuss the countries on each side of the war, the pre-war overall culture and mindset of European citizens, the meaning of that familiar term “European powder keg”, the “explosion” that set the war into motion, American involvement, winners, reparations, and more.

Now we’ve moved on to the Roaring 20’s, and this past week we learned about the stock market – and just in time, as a friend of mine is putting together a Stock Market Game team for our homeschoolers to learn more. Our lesson this week also covered Prohibition, the 19th Amendment, and the changing culture of America, and it seemed only right for us to pull up YouTube and learn how to do the Charleston!

I suppose I was having too much fun dancing to snap photos, but here are a few of us at a recent field trip to Whole Foods. The staff here was great, and we all left with treat-filled goody bags, a tummy full of in-store samples, and a better appreciation of organic and non-GMO foods.


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