We began our Halloween Day enjoying the art of Salvador Dali while we waited for Ray at a doctor’s appointment. We’re actually studying Winslow Homer this term, but the doctor’s office had this huge book about Dali and his paintings, and, given the occasion, I thought it was quite appropriate to indulge.

After lunch and a bit of schoolwork, we recited  fun Halloween poems (including “The Raven” in the living room then enjoyed a dramatic reading of Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart” on YouTube.


The evening was full of rain, but we got dressed and went out trick-or-treating anyway! We  hit only 2 houses before the rain got too bad and we were forced to return home. Even with two houses, the girls got a decent amount of candy. Home for a movie – one of my old favorites as a kid – “Something Wicked This Way Comes”. The rest of the family was not impressed with the movie :0(, but when it was over, we learned that my sweet neighbor, Michelle, had dropped by with 4 candy-filled treat sacks that she’d left on the porch for the girls! It was a pleasant surprise and a Happy Halloween!

Oh – here are the costumes: Olivia (fortune teller), Farrah (gypsy), Callie (sassy kitty), Jasmine (My Little Pony  – Twilight Sparkle).



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