Fall Projects – Sock Puppets and a Commercial

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This time last year, Olivia and Farrah were assigned projects (Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton, remember?), and they didn’t do so well and missed celebrating Halloween. This year, they had new projects (assigned at the beginning of October), and I’m pleased to say they successfully executed! They were given the choice out of creating a commercial, 2 puppets, a board game, or a shoebox diorama out of one of the following stories: Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Tell Tale Heart” or Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol.” It took them a while to get their gears going, but they both eventually settled on “A Christmas Carol”, and Farrah chose to do two sock puppets (Scrooge and Marley) and Olivia did an animated commercial using on online animation creator. The projects were due on October 24, and their assignment was the present their project to me and Ray alone with some other details about the story (summary, plot, characters, etc.). They were also required to keep a working journal / booklet during the project and turn it in upon completion.

The main objective for the project was for them to be creative while using planning, time management, and presentation skills. They succeeded and also learned a lot (especially about time management). They are sure to do even better next year!

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