Our recent field trip to Project Row Houses, a community-based arts and culture non-profit organization in Houston’s northern Third Ward, was nothing to really blog about! I’m writing about it here just for the record. It was a bunch of shotgun houses with so-called “art” displayed in each one. We went into the first several, and then I was done. The best part of the field trip was the introduction the docent gave us at the very beginning. We learned about the history and objective behind Project Row Houses, the nearby Emancipation Park (founded by Jack Yates, a former slave), and the very recent street name change from Dowling (a Confederate Hero) to Independence Drive. I was able to use this given information to speak more at-length with the girls about real estate investing as well as the current events and debates in our country surrounding the topic of Confederate flags/statues/memorials/etc. It ended up being a valuable history lesson.

I should mention, we took the field trip with a small group of other homeschool families (5 other moms and their kiddos) who we meet with frequently, mostly at a nearby park. On this day, we all left PRH and ate lunch together and hung out at Emancipation Park for 3 hours before heading back to suburbia.




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