One of our favorite places, and therapy dogs!

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Another trip to Children’s Museum of Houston. The occasion was “Sensory-Friendly Day” which almost always guarantees us a museum pretty much to ourselves! There were very few families there, and we took our time exploring. On Sensory-Friendly Day (hosted by the museum several times a year), the venue is a lot quieter and the lights are turned down, making for a more calming environment for kids with sensory processing disorder. On this day, there were trick-or-treat booths, and – best of all – therapy dogs! We stopped in the room with the dogs twice, because the girls enjoyed petting the dogs so much. I realized that therapy dogs aren’t just for kids with special needs. My typically-developing kids (and even I, before my allergies kicked up) enjoyed the dogs (and one cat) as much as Callie did.

The next visit to the museum will be for just the older girls. There is so much good stuff there for older kids – robotics, computer science, engineering, inventions, botany… Even with all our visits, we’ve barely scratched the service of what they offer for Olivia and Farrah. We’ll return soon!

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