It’s the best part of our day! We start off our school day with yoga and stretching in the family room, then we head to the schoolroom for a Bible devotional followed by singing the hymn we’re currently learning. Our days are never perfect, but starting them off in this manner seems to really put us on the right track.

Our first hymn for this school year was “Good, Good Father”. I start off with making a printout of the lyrics for each person, and after we’ve sung the song with our papers every day for 3-4 weeks, we pretty much have learned it by heart.

We use a devotional book I purchased for $6 at the used bookstore, and we always start by looking up key verses in the Bible. I just love some of the discussions we have during our devotionals. It’s our time to really reflect on God’s word and grow as His followers.

Volume up for our morning hymn!


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