Costumes, Hocus Pocus Pops, and a Haunted Trail

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We have Halloween costumes:

Jasmine  – a “My Little Pony” pony
Callie – sassy cat
Farrah – gypsy
Olivia – hmmm, not sure (a pirate / gypsy person? LOL)

The entire family (and a friend of Olivia’s) ventured to the Pavilion to Hocus Pocus Pops – an event that features the Houston Symphony in concert preceded by fun activities and crafts for kids. We brought in pizza and Skittles and sat on the hill and enjoyed the show. Afterwards, we made an unscheduled stop at “The Haunting at Bear Branch” – a haunted trail put on each year by The Woodlands Township. The theme this year is “Sinister Circus”, and after waiting in line for about an hour, it was finally our turn. (It was Olivia, her friend, Farrah, and me. Ray and the little girls waited in van.) I pretty much laughed the entire trail – I thought it was hilarious the way the actors were attempting to scare us. But this was the girls’ first introduction to anything really scary, so they were REALLY scared. They screamed, jumped, grabbed onto strangers, came to the point of almost crying a time or two. Wish I had photos of the experience, but this took place at nighttime, and walking through a haunted trail trying to use a camera in the dark is just not cool. All in all, they thought it was so much fun! Olivia has demanded to be one of the actors next year, so I’d better start doing my research now to figure out how to be a part of it.

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