Palava and loads of summer fun!

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This summer, we toured a family fun place called Palava:

We were one of the first families to try out Chick-fil-A’s new menu items at a VIP Party:


We enjoyed silly games at home:

We did art, swam at the pool, and learned about the Solar System:

We baked goodies:



We read books:


We attended library programs:


We played at parks and spraygrounds:

Roller skated with friends:


Tie dyed t-shirtss:



IMG_3416Fed the ducks:


Hung out at the shopping mall:

Attended a week of Art & Science Camp:


Visited museums:

Did warrior challenges:

Had dinner with family:


And more! Olivia volunteered with WOW Science Camp for a second year in a row (I’ll try to find a photo to add later) and she also volunteered for the first time with VBS at WoodsEdge. Both Olivia and Farrah did Mark Kistler’s Fine Arts & Performing Camps for a week as well. Our summer was comprised of many other fun little adventures, but this is the short version! Summer break has been officially over for a few weeks, so I’ll move on to current posts now.

One Reply to “Palava and loads of summer fun!”

  1. It is always a pleasure it’s interesting exhilarating whenever I update myself to be indirectly apart of all the adventures that the family does I love seeing the family in action experimenting , Learning and having fun as a family. I am so jealous of all the things that you all do and I’m not able to be there, well one day maybe I will get a chance to play catch up LOL love you guys 🌹❤️

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