Callie’s and Jasmine’s first skating day!

Did I blog at all this summer? I don’t think I did, but there’s no time to catch up now! We had a fantastic summer with Ray home all 3 months, but now the school year is in full force, and we’re off to great things! We’ve enjoyed The Lion King musical (me and Olivia), The Wizard of Oz play (me and Farrah), a John Mayer concert (me and Ray), trips to museums, bowling, feeding the ducks, park days  with friends, fun times with family, baking, Vacation Bible School, volunteer jobs, and more! Over time, I’ll gradually post about a few of our most memorable summer days for the sake of documenting them, but for now, I’m excited about Callie’s and Jasmine’s first experience roller skating!

Ray and I took all the girls to Champions Skate in Spring, and the entire family enjoyed FREE skating! Callie went around the rink several times with me before I decided to let her try a Skate Mate. The Skate Mate can be a bit tricky, and when she fell while using it, she decided she’d had enough skating. Before the skate mate, she was doing so well just holding my hand (but my lower back was hurting as I worked hard to correct “near falls”).

Jasmine went around a couple of times just holding my hand, and then she tried the skate mate for a while and did great!

The big girls always enjoy skating, and they both did a wonderful job!

I thought Ray would be a great help to me as we needed to help 2 little ones learn to skate; little did I know, he was a novice himself! Oh, if only I’d thought to take snapshots of my husband during this adventure!


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