Tuesday was the last day of school for Jasmine, and I honestly don’t remember if I ever wrote about her going to school in the first place! Did I? She’s been attending  2-days (3 hours each day) at the most phenomenal Pre-K program ever! It’s an excellent Christian  program close to home, and she and I both absolutely love it. She has made friends,  enjoyed all kinds of sensory play experiences (with cream, ice, colored rice, noodles, water, foam bubbles, mud, playdough, etc.), sung songs, memorized Bible verses, played musical instruments, played dress-up, made crafts, ridden tricycles and camels, played in sprinklers, played with baby farm animals, played in snow, and so much more! Sorry about the photo overload, but I literally have hundreds of photos of her at school this past year. No two days at her school are alike, and there’s never a dull moment! I’m so grateful for the wonderful experiences she had here! She’ll be back next school year for 9 hours per week (3 days, 3 hours each). It’ll be a 3’s class and they’ll focus a bit more on academics but will still get to play a LOT!

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