We were happy for a chance to host a fun DNow event for the pre-teens at our church. And as if cleaning the house weren’t epic enough of an ordeal for us, we decided to take on another challenge – tent-building! It was fun! . Olivia, Farrah, and I shopped for the wood, fabric, and supplies, and we all worked together to measure, drill holes (it was our first time using a “spade bit” on my power drill), and assemble A-frame tents.



We ended up with 4 tents that suited our event perfectly. The tents are built with dowels which will allow us to easily break down the tents and store them away whenever we want to. Excuse the mess in the playroom. We were in the process of rearranging! (As it turns out, we really didn’t have room for tents, so we ended up having to move out some of the other stuff like Jasmine’s kitchen and Callie’s trampoline.)


The DNow event itself went off  without a hitch. A house full of 8 pre-teens, 2 young women who are in college (they led the Bible sessions), and another “host” mom, and of course Ray was tending to Jasmine and Callie. I’d say we had a full house! We had praise, worship, and “sermons” at our church, science lessons with fun demos at our home, recreational time at Incredible Pizza Company, snacks, meals, and fun “girl time” with dancing and singing!


Farrah hung out with the 3rd and 4th grade girls and enjoyed her time at a different DNow host home, but we ran into her a couple of times during the weekend.


One Reply to “Tent-Building and DNow”

  1. Everyone did a great job building the tent s and hosting the event I know everyone enjoyed themselves if I was there I would have too, great job guys !👍🏾

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