Ray wasn’t in town for Valentine’s Day, but he surprised us last weekend by presenting us with lovely presents. Colorful fresh flowers for me, 

a bracelet for Olivia, 

a book for Farrah (she finished it in 3 days!),


a puzzle for Callie (she finished it in 3 minutes – well, almost!)

and some Melissa and Doug play food for Jasmine. 

This Saturday, Ray I will have a brief “date night” activity at church while the kids are in child watch. I’m looking forward to it!

The truth is, I always wonder if the girls are missing out with homeschooling because Valentine’s Day at public school is so much fun! But our Valentine’s Day at home was very special indeed! Callie and Jasmine both had school, and they did Valentines exchanges in their classrooms. 

After picking up Jasmine from school, we met at California Pizza Kitchen with our sweet friends Tori and her girls. It was such a refreshing Valentines date, because we had not seen them in a couple of months! We all exchanged valentines and talked and laughed and caught up with each other and talked about getting together again soon. Our family dynamics are quite similar. their 11-year-old is good friends with my 11-year-old, their seven-year-old and Farrah are close friends (and she also plays well with Callie), and their now three-year-old is a good friend to Jasmine (their ages are exactly a month apart.) 

The homemade card I received from Tori really touched me!

For our Valentine’s dinner, the girls and I picked up meals from Macaroni Grill and then indulged in dessert from Nothing Bundt Cakes. It was a happy day for us! 

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