We awoke early Saturday morning and had a cereal breakfast. Karen and the older girls were participating in a discipleship function with the church. So that left an opportunity for Dad to spend an entire day with the Littles. What shall we do? Well, let’s see. It was a nice Saturday morning with a little bit of overcast, temperatures in the 70s , and a good breeze. What a great day to go to the park. The park of choice was Terramont park. Of course, the first activity was swinging. The girls really love to swing.

Although the swinging was fun, I thought we needed to stretch our legs a bit. What is nice about this park is that it has a number of man-made hills. So we took a little exploring walk. Callie was a bit hesitant at first but after we got started she settled and we had a pretty nice time.

We were on a schedule and were to meet Karen and the older girls at Incredible Pizza in Conroe. We arrived and after partaking in the buffet, it was gametime.

Callie was a little too busy to pose for a picture.

Jasmine of course gave me a profile view of her in her hot rod!

All tuckered out, we went home for a nap.

After the Littles awoke from their slumber we got a chance to visit Uncle Moine and Auntie Ann.

We ended the day with all the girls reunited.

What a nice day. What a nice day indeed.

One Reply to “A Day with the Littles (by Ray)”

  1. Wow it seems like it was a great date to me is well I am so glad that you all had time to spend with each other and that everyone enjoyed the activities that you shared in your own groups and together. What a wonderful beautiful awesome day love you guys !🌹😘

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