The head of the children’s music ministry, who happens to also be the children’s pastor’s wife, caught me by surprise a few weeks ago. She asked, “Is Callie old enough to do the musical this year?” Each year in the spring time, the children from grades first through sixth put on a musical for the church. Olivia and Farrah have been eagerly anticipating the Wednesday evening rehearsals, but the thought of having Callie – who is indeed old enough this year – participate, never crossed my mind until Tricia asked. So I thought, why not? In reality, I knew why not, but I figured it won’t hurt to try.

We are three weeks into it, and Callie is doing great. Wait, I’m exaggerating. Let me be honest. She’s not doing as bad as I thought she would. She is starting to sing the songs and do the motions, and she is so well behaved, better than many of the other first and second graders. What I love is the support and love she gets from the other volunteers and leaders, and especially the big kids. Several of the older girls are always happy to see her and insist on sitting next to her, although fifth and sixth graders belong on the back row and Callie sits on the first row.


One modification I intend to make for Callie is to retype the songs on regular white paper. Right now, they sing the songs out of a music book that includes the sheet music , and I think the pages are just too busy for Callie. Since she reads well, I think solely seeing the words and knowing the tune will help her a lot. I might break up some of the word syllables (like the music book does) if I think it will help her sing it correctly, but we’ll see. Right now, we’re taking it a week at a time!

Here’a  video of the first night. They had a glow-in-the-dark party in one room, corn dogs and other goodies to munch on, and then moved to this room for a fun toilet tissue game!

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