As I mentioned earlier, we’ve dropped formal art lessons, and we will be doing independent art projects for the rest of the year. We visited Artrageous Pottery Studio in Creekside Park, and Mrs. Selena and her girls joined us. It took forever for my girls to choose a piece to paint, but they finally decided on a sheep (Olivia), a deer (Farrah), and an owl plate (Jasmine). 

Painting pottery isn’t as cut and dry as you’d think! The big girls were meticulous with their paintings, but after the pieces were glazed and fired (and picked up by us a week later), the artwork appeared to have lost a lot of detail. So for next time, we will research beforehand and learn exactly what to do to achieve the finished product in the desired colors. 

Jasmine enjoyed making her owl plate, and it turned out cute! I might have helped a little! 

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