School’s out, but first this…

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Schools out (kinda) for Christmas break! We’re headed to San Antonio and I’ve packed a ton of fiction books, a workbook for each child (including Jasmine), our history book, the next 5 Greek/Latin roots pages in our curriculum, and my computer. I won’t force it, but we’re sure to have some down time for learning fun at some point during our 3-day vacation. 
A few highlights from the past two weeks of school:
Jasmine road her first camel, at her preschool (which is great because she missed riding the camel and elephant with her big sisters at the Ren Fest this year)
In history, we studied ancient China and made “jade” beaded bracelets.

We enjoyed visiting “MaDear” in New Orleans, and Olivia got some real world experience auditioning for a TV show. 

Farrah completed a Wikipedia project for her Landry Academy (online) class. She struggled through some of it but was able to successfully pull through. I’m proud of her! This class was 1-3 grades above her grade level. Also, Farrah took it upon herself to work on some Christmas crafts which included my favorite hobby, sewing.

Olivia completed a substantial coding project for her Landry Academy class. She designed and coded her own video game from scratch, in Scratch! 

Callie’s teacher sent her home on the last day before break with this book and the following note attached. Made my week!

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