Experimental Variables and Blind Studies

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I couldn’t be more pleased with our science curriculum – Apologia General Science. Not only is the text very meaty and thorough, the experiments throughout the book have so far been VERY valuable. We’re learning the how and the why of science, and it’s making sense to them, praise God!

We did a floating egg experiment, a cardboard boat experiment where we used 3 different “motors” for each boat (plus we had a control boat), and a couple of pepper / water / surface tension experiments. The objectives throughout was to learn more about experimental variables, control groups, placebos, subjective and objective results, and other factors. We also learned about blind and double-blind studies, and since the girls have an aunt who works in the field of cancer research (experimental drug trials, I believe), I was able to give them some relevant examples of how / why what we’re learning matters in the real world.

Our next unit is all about science, applied science, and technology, and we’ll start off by making some simple machines (pulleys, etc.).

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