Here’s why we won’t be celebrating Halloween

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I’d love to say that celebrating Halloween goes against my religious belief, but nope! The reason we won’t be celebrating Halloween this year is because of this photo below:


A month ago, I assigned a project to Olivia and Farrah. They were to research an assigned scientist (Farrah had Albert Einstein; Olivia had Isaac Newton) and put together a neat, creative, thorough poster presentation for me and Ray. I laid out all the instructions, and the goal was for them to complete a project from beginning to end – planning, time management, content, etc. –  without my help.  Well, I watched these girls lollygag around the house for 3-4 weeks, with gentle (and not-so-gentle) reminders from me to not wait until the last minute. Well, as you can guess, they waited until the last minute and threw these posters together out of the blue just days (or hours in Olivia’s case) before it was time to present them. I’d say they each put a 25% effort into their projects, which earned them a 2016 Halloween of no festivities. I’m sad for them, as I really wanted them to succeed and have fun with dressing up, going to festivals, and trick-or-treating (plus they always share their candy with me!). I still have to find a way for Callie and Jas to enjoy their Halloween though.

The good thing is that the big girls now have a better idea of what to expect next time, and the next project (currently unassigned) is bound to be a lot better!

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