Field Trip Day – Hispanic Heritage Month

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In September we enjoyed an educational field trip to Miller Outdoor Theater to see a performance of Aztec Dance & Drum. The show was invigorating  and fun to watch –  with lots of fantastic drum beats and traditional Aztec dancing! We learned a lot about ancient Mexico, Aztec history, philosophy, language, and culture. Our  senses were delighted with the colorful feathered headpieces the dancers wore, the sounds of conch shells, and shaking rattles, combined with the deep sound of the drums and high pitched ocarina flutes. All the dances were based on the Pre-Columbian traditions of the Nahuatl-speaking Teotihuacanos/Mexi’ca and other indigenous nations of central Mexico. The show was beautifully narrated. Did you know that each year the ancient Aztecs would get rid of almost all of their belongings? They did this to be in the habit of purging and separating themselves from “stuff” so as to not grow too attached to worldly possessions. How interesting! Learning this fact helped me come home and get rid of a lot of baggage (although I still have lots more to get rid of).

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